About Us

The possibility of a gold advanced cash has dependably had an intrigue for those searching for an elective installment framework. Not long after the web went standard E-Gold rose as first advanced money sponsored completely by gold in 1995. At its pinnacle, a great many individuals around the globe were utilizing this administration until the point that it was closed down.

Send Money Instantly

It’s designed to help people avoid the typical downsides to transferring money, such as high transaction fees.

Identity Protection

You can add different layers of security to protect yourself when dealing with the digital currency online.

No Inflation

There is no inflation due to controlled quantity limits and the algorithms in the system framework.

Presently with blockchain innovation set up as a safe bookkeeping strategy, and with Bitcoin winding up better known to the overall population, another time of gold-supported cryptographic money is rising. There is a notorious (and exacting) dash for unheard of wealth happening now in the crypto world, and even nations are hoping to issue their own gold-based cryptographic money.


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